House Cleaning Disputes and Communication

If you are a client who is currently dissatisfied with our service we’d first like to apologize. We always strive to please all customers 100% and to not do so is a failure on our part. On this page we discuss two of the most common problems clients have when using a maid service, breakage and communication. We hope you can use these resources on house cleaning disputes to understand our process and have a smoother, more satisfying experience the next time you use a maid service.


House cleaning disputes with cleaning services



Many clients think house cleaners break things often and don’t understand why.  They wonder how it can be that they, the person who lives in the home, never break items when the house cleaner, who only shows up a few times a month, does.

The answer is frequency. While a homeowner may look at the objects in their home every day, they rarely handle them. The house cleaner touches the objects in the household more, statistically leading to a greater chance that it will be the house cleaner that breaks something. House cleaners have to physically hold something to clean it.

No harm intended

At Maids by Trade, we take breakages seriously and do everything in our power to correct the situation. We never intend to harm or damage our clients’ property. After all, our livelihoods are based on keeping clients happy. However, we can only address breakages and other issues that are discussed with us. This brings us to the second common problem clients have when using a maid service: communication.


Resolving house cleaning disputes using communication



Maid by Trade is proud to have a guarantee that says if a client is at all unhappy with our service, we will correct the problem with a credit toward the next cleaning or a re-cleaning of the problem areas for free. We mean every word of this guarantee and are happy to fix our mistakes. However, that can only happen when clients are open with us. We ask that clients come to us the first time they are dissatisfied. We want to correct errors as soon as a client sees one. Please don’t wait to become frustrated; come to us with any problem, big or small, and we’ll take care of it.

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We encourage you to communicate now! If you have a comment, complaint, or a question, please contact us and see how we can help.