Hop a Park Day is in July and is a very fun day! Go ahead and put off those house cleaning chores—grab your picnic supplies! Be sure to include fun games and sunscreen so you will be well prepared for this year’s Hop a Park Day.


Kids enjoying Hop a Park Day having Fun Times


What is Hop a Park Day?

So what exactly is this crazy sounding day? It’s a day of celebration that encourages families to get out and enjoy their local parks. In other words, it offers families a free day of fun—something that always exists, but that not everyone takes advantage of.

Hop a Park Day celebrates the benefits of playing outside at your local park. Those benefits include breathing in the fresh air and getting exercise. In addition, those who enjoy family play outside at a park enjoy improved mental health. That outdoor play is a stress reliever and has calming benefits after the fact.


The Origin of Parks

Back in 1686, New York Governor Thomas Dongan granted the Dongan Charter. Part of the charter stated that vacant parcels of land needed to be cared for. This began the creation of parks in cities and towns. Today there are thousands of parks in the U.S. alone. Hop a Park Day celebrates not only the creation of parks, but the free fun they afford families all over the country as well.


How to Celebrate

In addition to celebrating this day with a fun day of outdoor play, some folks think Hop a Park Day is an excellent day to help clean up our local parks. If there isn’t a park cleanup scheduled for your community, consider calling your local police department or city leaders and inquire about getting a park cleanup effort started.

Some cities and towns are holding special events at their parks in celebration. Activities like kickball and soccer games, kite flying clinics, jump roping exhibitions, and a series of relay races are just some of the fun that is planned.


family celebrating Hop a Park Day Fun Times


Don’t Stop with One!

Why not visit several parks in your area instead of just one? Some families will head out after breakfast and visit as many parks as they can fit in—arriving home in time for dinner. Skip the chore of doing the dishes for later, or hire a house cleaning service to tidy up while you are out for the day. Pack a lunch and enjoy a picnic at the park you visit nearest to lunch time.  Don’t forget to recycle what you can instead of just throwing away everything in the garbage. What a fun way to celebrate Hop a Park Day!

It might be fun to forego the park you usually visit and plan to venture further away from your home and check out a park or two in nearby communities. The internet is a wealth of information about city, community and state parks. Check them out in advance and choose which parks you’d like to visit on Hop a Park Day.


Bring Some Friends

Maybe you and your family frequently visit your local parks, but you’ve noticed that your neighbors rarely visit them. Hop a Park Day is the perfect day to invite your friends and neighbors to join you and your family for a day at the park.

Share your grass stain treatment options with your friends and neighbors. An excellent idea, in case their house cleaning tricks don’t include one. It’s practically inevitable that a day of running around on the grass will result in slips and falls that lead to grass stains.

Free fun is hard to come by these days. Hop a Park Day celebrates that fact by reminding you—and everyone else—that parks are available for a wealth of fun at no cost.

Packing up a ball or two, some jump ropes, some bubbles, and some lawn games will help everyone enjoy an extra fun day. Slipping some sunscreen and bug repellant in with your picnic and snacks will help ensure Hop a Park Day ends the same way it starts—with many happy participants.