Home Cleaning Service Prices

House Cleaning Service PricesYou hire a maid, they clean your house, and you receive a bill. What are you paying for? House cleaning rates vary for a variety of reasons. Set your expectations first, and home cleaning service prices won’t surprise you.

The prices you pay for residential cleaning vary depending on options, your cleaning priorities, and delivery. Read our guideline to understand what to expect.

Options – your home

Every home is different and has different needs. The amount you pay for service is based on the time and resources required for experienced maids to efficiently but effectively clean everything. Maids by Trade offers all clients a free in-home estimate to assess the home and cleaning time needed.

better business bureau logoFirst-time or one-time cleanings usually cost more as they are deeper cleanings. If a client signs up for regularly scheduled recurring service, we can give them a quote for a flat fee.

Priorities – your choices

Some areas of your home are more important to you, so extra care should be taken. Browse the list of standard house cleaning service options and add special requests before cleaning begins. With a detailed cleaning checklist, you prepare your maids to work more efficiently. You sign-off before and after cleaning so everyone knows what to expect. You (and your expectations) reap the reward when everyone follows your checklist.

Delivery – your schedule

If you have a busy schedule, make sure your cleaning company will work with you. You need to be clear about days and times when you are (and are not) available for home service. Maids by Trade offers understand that sometimes things happen last minute, so we offer Same Day Service.

To really understand home cleaning service prices, start with the in-home estimate or call us at (503) 256-1160. Get professional maids from a company with over 15 years of experience.