Measure twice, cut once. Use this simple rule to help you find the right maid the first time and save time and money. First, take care to measure the experience and excellence of each cleaning service. Then, “cut” out all the others and only invest time in one with proven experience, consistently excellent service, and lots of satisfied customers.


Hiring the Right Home Maid Saves Time and Money



Before hiring a cleaning company, look for proof of prior experience and proper training. Set your expectations for professional service, and get your questions answered.

  • How long has this maid service been in business?

Many years in business is a good sign of a maid service with professional experience and satisfied clients. You can also find comfort with a long established professional cleaning company in your local area; someone familiar with serving your community.

  • Are these home maids professionally screened?

Your maid should be thoroughly screened before being hired. An established, locally trusted, cleaning company will screen and train maids to deliver you consistent, quality cleaning. Look for screening that includes:

  • clean background checks
  • clean drug tests
  • family friendly personality
  • proven work ethics
  • relevant work experience



You can learn a lot about a company from their professional ratings and certifications. You want a maid service with a positive reputation that cares about earning your business.

  • Professional ratings and certifications

Residential cleaning companies earning a long term A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) prove their consistent dedication for quality service. Also, if you care about environmental safety, you can look for eco-friendly businesses using cleaning products that are Environmental Protection Agency approved and Green Seal certified.



The purpose of hiring the right home maid is to enjoy your home. So find a service that has helped others do just that.

  • Customer testimonials and reviews

Save yourself time by asking others to refer a maid service they trust. If your friends and family don’t know of any, read testimonials and reviews. Social proof can help you quickly narrow down your search (and saves you money by hiring efficient help the first time).


Find the right home maid, the first time

Measuring twice and cutting once is your way of finding a maid who is right for your home. You measure experience, excellence, and customer satisfaction.

With over 15 years of residential cleaning experience, Maids by Trade is the top choice for Oregon and Washington residents. We offer courtesy in-home estimates. Your full satisfaction is guaranteed. With quality cleaning and excellent service, we are here to help you enjoy your home.