Trying something new can lead to mistakes and embarrassment and hiring house cleaning is no different. Here’s our guide to information to give to your new house cleaning service. That way everyone is kept in the loop and no one winds up embarrassed!


Hiring House Cleaning & its Embarrassing Moments


“I forgot to tell them about my pet(s).”

Pets are not a problem when it comes to house cleaning! However, we do prefer having advance notice if you have pets in your home, because it helps us prepare more efficiently. Read more about our pet-friendly house cleaning here.


“I can’t be home at the time of service.”

Your schedule may be arranged such that you prefer having your house cleaned while you are working or away on errands. We only require you to be home on the first cleaning and for ongoing service we can work out accessibility to your home in your absence. We are definitely interested in helping you find a cleaning schedule that works for you. In order to avoid the team being locked out of your house, please contact us about arrangements or providing a key for your home.


“I thought they would use standard cleaning equipment”

We have the privilege of serving a variety of clients, and because of this we seek to serve each customer with the same level of quality. Our choices for cleaning products and equipment are not always conventional, but we have rigorously tested them to make sure they produce top-quality results every time. To see more about why we have an exclusive approach, read about our EcoPink™ System.


“I expected them to be cheaper.”

We are regularly working with new clients, and while we do our best to provide an accurate estimate, occasionally the final price can be a bit more than expected. Our primary aim in cleaning homes is to deliver the best quality service we possibly can, and our prices do reflect this. Remember, as a general rule; lower price goes with lower quality, but we realize that sometimes price is the dominating factor and we do our best to work with budget restrictions. The final cost of every home cleaning is customized when an in-home estimate is provided.


So you’re hiring house cleaning…

Maids by Trade is happy to help. We provide a range of Service Options because our priority is to satisfy every client. Contact us today!