Whether you have a home gym or a membership somewhere, cleanliness in the space where you work out is important. If the gym you use isn’t clean, bacteria can thrive in the warm and damp environment. Learn about gym cleaning and make sure that, when you go to work out, you’re protecting your health in more ways than one.

How to clean a gym. Home gym.

Gym Mats

Large Floor Mats: Remove all dirt by sweeping and then mopping. Once the mat is free of dirt, spray the entire surface with a disinfectant, then mop using a sterile mop. To ensure that you don’t undo your work before you’ve even finished mopping, step on a towel sprayed with the disinfectant before stepping onto the mat you are about to clean.

Small Yoga Mats: Wipe down or spray with a disinfectant. Some mats are okay to put in the washing machine as well. Just use a mild detergent, cold water, and remove the mat before the spin cycle.


Everything from dumbbells to elliptical machines should be thoroughly disinfected after each use. If using a spray, thoroughly spray the equipment and either let it air dry or wait a few minutes before drying with a clean cloth. If you are using a wipe, go over all the areas and let the equipment air dry.

Resistance Bands: These guys are hard to stretch, but are slack and flimsy when you let go. Their flimsiness when not being used might make it annoying to wipe or spray them with a disinfectant. You can just soak these bands in a sink full of warm soapy water. Soaking alone should be enough to get these squeaky clean.

Locker Rooms and Showers

If picking up a staph infection from the pull-up bar isn’t scary enough, you also have to worry about fungi that thrive in dirty gym showers. Gym users should always wear shower shoes, and gym owners should frequently disinfect lockers rooms, showers, and bathrooms. Any all-purpose cleaner will keep these areas germ-free and safe.

Gym Cleaning for Total Health

Despite (or maybe because of) being a place where people almost literally sweat buckets, the gym should be a very clean place. If you are a gym user, take the necessary precautions, like wearing shower shoes or wiping down equipment, to keep yourself safe. If you are a gym owner, consider hiring a professional commercial cleaning company for your gym cleaning. This will ensure your place of business is a safe and pleasant place to work out.