Your family room is the domestic equivalent of Grand Central Station. It’s where your kids play and do their homework, where you and your husband host guests, and the central hub during special events like birthdays and holidays.

Since it’s so high traffic, the family room is also one of the dirtiest, germiest areas in your entire house. Let’s see what it takes to keep it squeaky clean.


Manage the Family Room with This Easy Cleaning Plan


Items Needed for Family Room Cleanliness

  • Organizational Bins
  • Window Cleaner
  • Disinfectant Spray
  • Dust Rags or Cloths
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Safe Cleaners
  • Broom
  • Vacuum
  • Mop


Start by Organizing the Toys

If you have kids, then you know how quickly the family room fills up with toys. Rather than piling everything together, or throwing it all into a closet when guests are in town, opt for stackable organizational bins instead. You can organize toys by shape (IE: building blocks in one bin, action figures in another) or by children (IE: Susan’s toys in one bin and Tom’s toys in another). You can also opt for a single storage container as possibility. Whatever you choose, cleaning is much easier when the floor is clear.


Dust and Wash All Surfaces

With the toys out of the way, it’s time to focus on dusting and washing all surfaces. Everyone’s family room is different, but most people have furniture, an entertainment display, decorations, electronics, and finally various odds and ends.

With a microfiber cloth, or dust rag, thoroughly wipe down each and every surface in the family room. If you have small children, make sure to do this with non-toxic, safe cleaners. Kids love putting their hands in their mouths. If you aren’t careful with your cleaning items, you may end up rushing to the hospital.

Cover all aspects of the family room. Wipe down everything from the TV and DVD player, to the window sills, air conditioning vents, and coffee table. Dust is everywhere—seek it out!


Manage the Family Room by cleaning and washing surfaces


Once you finish dusting, take a sponge or washcloth and wet it in a combination of water and non-toxic dish soap. This solution can remove even the stickiest stains or spills, and doesn’t put anyone’s health at risk.


Sweep and Mop the Floors

The floors in your family room are some of the most well-tread in your entire home. Whether you are hosting friends and family, or watching your favorite show with the kids, feet, food, dust, dirt, and even sticky liquids end up creating stains and scuffs all over the floors.

Use a broom or vacuum cleaner to sweep away all of the dust, dirt, pollen, and skin cells. If you don’t have carpet, follow this up by mopping the floor thoroughly. This removes sticky substances or residue left behind.


Disinfect Everything

Now that the major cleaning is out of the way, it is important to disinfect everything. Take a can of disinfectant spray, or antibacterial spray and utilize it on every single surface in your family room. This includes your remote controls, video game controllers, magazines, toys, vases, coffee table books, and the list goes on.


Disinfect the Family Room with This Easy Cleaning Plan


Making the extra effort to disinfect every item in your family room with safe cleaners isn’t just smart, it ensures your family stays healthy and happy, even during the winter months.


Wash the Windows

Lastly, dedicate at least a half hour to washing the windows. Little fingers cause smudges, and if you have pets, curious dogs and cats often leave nose markings behind. Any window friendly, safe cleaners will do, just make sure to wipe them off firmly and smoothly.

By following these simple tips, you’re family room is sure to stay the envy of the neighborhood, while protecting you and your family’s health for years to come.