Whether a seasoned driver or a teenager about to get his/her Drivers’ License, its important to drive defensively in the rain.

Safety tips for driving in the rain

1. Check Your Tires

Having enough tread and correct tire pressure gives you more grip and better handling.

2. Following at a Safe Distance

Keep your eyes on the road and leave extra space in-between you and the car ahead.

3. Speed Limits

Obey the speed limit and drive slower in the rain; the roads are very slick when wet!

4. Lights On

Turn on your headlights when driving in the rainy weather.

5. Wipers

Make sure that the wipers are in proper working order; change the wiper blades before the rainy season arrives.

6. Road Conditions

Watch out for the road ahead of you. When it first starts to rain the water can mix with small patches of engine oil or grease buildup and form a dangerous film across the road.

Remember, we all want to get home safely. If you’re driving in the rain, allow a few more minutes  to arrive on time. If you’re running late… your life is more valuable, think about it.