crazy cleaning inventions


Most people dislike cleaning so much, they’d do anything to get out of it. For some, that means calling a maid service. For others, the problem of cleaning has led to more...unique solutions. There is a long and strange tradition of people creating devices to help make cleaning their homes easier, better, or get out of doing it completely. Here are some of those creative and crazy cleaning inventions.


Dog Dusting BootiesCrazy-Cleaning-Inventions-4

This “Animal Powered Debris Removal System” is just a gag gift, but honestly it seems like a pretty logical idea. If your dog is going to pad around the house all day, she might as well sweep while she’s at it, right?

Baby Dusting Onesie

crazy cleaning inventions: baby duster
Unlike the booties above, this onesie isn’t an empty box. It’s a real thing you can buy (but still as a joke…we think). Whether you’re just wanting to give an awesome baby shower gift or plan on making your infant’s crawling do double-duty, this is one idea that’s so crazy it just might work.

Toy Scooper

Hate picking things up? With your actual hands? Now with this piece of plastic you can quickly scoop up scattered toys and dump them out of sight. This invention might actually be a little useful, but it’s still sort of silly.

Tire Brooms


It’s not just in recent years that people have tried to hack cleaning. This photo shows a cleaning innovation from yesteryear: the tire broom. The purpose of these brooms were to sweep away anything that could puncture the tire. This makes sense, but how about just improving tires (or having clean roads)? Luckily, that’s the route we took or else people would be hopping on car forums to talk about how they tricked out their old Mustang with a firm-bristled Sorghum Sweeper.

Sweeper Shoes

crazy cleaning invention: sweeper shoes

We have floor cleaning shoes for dogs, floor cleaning suits for babies, and now flooring cleaning shoes made for adult humans. People must really hate cleaning the floors! There are lots of cleaning shoe variations out there, but this pair has to be one of the funniest versions.

Self-Making Bed

Your bedroom can’t look clean if your bed is unmade, but unfortunately making your bed takes time and effort. For many of us, too much effort. What to do when you want a nice-looking bedroom without all the work? Create a robot bed that makes itself, of course!

Neck Cleaner


Sometimes you want to clean a neck, but all that soap and water is such a hassle. Make neck-cleaning easier and drier with a neck brush!  The commercials probably would have written themselves if this invention from 1950 had ever taken off. This device was designed to clean the necks of children while they played, without the use of annoying things like water. (Pictured is five-year-old Tim Gregory who does not appear to be getting much playing done.) Happily for Tim and the rest of us, people returned to their senses and realized that using soap to clean a neck is really far less of a hassle than using a bristle brush collar.

Crazy Cleaning Inventions Keep Getting Crazier!

These devices are just a sampling of the wonderfully strange cleaning gadgets out there. People are trying to work smarter, not harder, and we understand that. However, we think the smartest way to clean is just to get someone else to do it! Maids by Trade offers a variety of service options. Check us out and then request a quote for your cleaning today!