Aluminum foil is one of those tools that’s good for everything, including cleaning! If you aren’t already using this handy accessory in your daily routine, it’s time to add it to your arsenal. Even better? It’s categorized as one of many safe cleaners, meaning there’s no risk to your pets or children. Nice!


8 Brilliant Ideas for Cleaning with Aluminum Foil


Clean with Aluminum Foil: Tools Needed

  • Aluminum Foil (multiple rolls)
  • Scissors
  • Masking Tape
  • Gloves
  • Safe Cleaners

1. Keep Your Oven Clean

Ovens are magnets for grease, food pieces, and burnt leftovers, making clean-up extremely difficult.

While it won’t clean the entire appliance, adding a layer or two of aluminum foil to the bottom rack will prevent spillage from up above. Yes, your bottom rack will be out of commission, but it’s a lot easier than having to remove the racks one at a time, and wash them by hand.

Pro Tip: DO NOT put any aluminum foil along the bottom of your oven—it’s a fire hazard, and nobody wants to risk a blaze.

2. Steel Wool Replacement

Steel wool is perfect for cleaning out those pots and pans that collect loads of oil and food residue, it also comes in handy if you need to scrub grout or other tough-to-get-at surfaces.

If you find yourself in the middle of your cleaning routine and realize that you’re all out of steel wool sponges, grab a sheet of aluminum foil and wad it up into a ball instead.

Admittedly, it won’t last as long as an average steel wool sponge, but it will serve a similar purpose and assist you in the cleaning process.


3. Keep Your Silverware Looking Nice

Rather than investing in an expensive metal polish, opt for something that’s already at home and categorized with other safe cleaners.


Cleaning silverware with aluminum foil

Just remove your silverware from the drawer, and line the bottom with a sheet or two of aluminum foil. That’s literally all you need to do!

This will keep your silverware looking nice and polished for all major events including family get togethers and holidays.


4. Spill Proof Messy Food Items

This one is great for parents; wrap the bottom of a watermelon slice, ice cream cone, or some other messy treat with foil. Not only will it keep liquids from dripping out, it’ll keep messy hands at bay. That’s always a plus!


5. Fireplace Cleaning

Love running your fireplace during the winter months, but hate cleaning it out? You aren’t alone! To avoid a messy, ash-filled cleaning project, line the bottom and sides of your fireplace with foil. Make sure to get all of the nooks, cracks, and crannies.

You can have a fire, even with the foil laid down, but cleanup will no longer require brooms, dust pans, or insanely sooty clothing.


6. Foil The Bed-Wetter

If you have kids, then you’ll have to go through the potty training phase at one point or another. In the early stages, making it to the restroom on time can be tough, leading to plenty of late nights spent washing sheets, blankets, and other sleep items.

Save yourself the hassle, and line the mattress with a few layers of aluminum foil instead. Now, cover those foil sheets with a heavy, soft towel. This will help pad the noise, and will prevent the aluminum foil from sliding around while someone is in the bed. Finally, add the fitted sheet, top sheet, pillows, and other sleep accessories.

Night life will be easier and moving forward, cleanup will be a lot easier…guaranteed!


7. Cover Objects for Painting

Getting ready to paint the interior of your home or office? While masking tape works great for floor boards and ceilings, using an entire roll just to cover a doorknob isn’t the best use of your supplies. Instead, wrap all of the door knobs, rails, tops of picture frames, and even lighting fixtures with small pieces of foil. It’s easy to put on, and just as easy to take off. It will make cleaning up any paint spills very easy.


8. Barbecue Cleaning

Our barbecue grills see all kinds of food products, from meat to vegetables, and as they cook, they excrete juices and fats that build up on the racks and sides of the grill. Before you start on your afternoon grilling, wad up a piece of foil and carefully scrub the racks and bottom of the barbecue grill. This will prevent build up and helps ensure the food your cooking doesn’t burn.

These are just a few of the amazing things that aluminum foil can help you clean with. Add it to your repertoire of safe cleaners and see the difference.