While waffles make for a filling and fun breakfast, the mess left on the waffle iron means they’re usually traded  in for pancakes. Don’t despair waffle-lovers! We have ways to quickly clean up the waffle iron so making waffles is no hassle at all.


How to Clean a Waffle Iron


Safety First

Here are some reminders to keep you safe while cleaning:

  • Never clean a waffle iron while it is still hot. You can burn yourself.
  • Do not use a knife to clean a waffle maker. It will ruin the nonstick coating and you may cut yourself.
  • Never fully submerge the waffle iron in water.

Your safety always comes first, so use these tips while cleaning.


How to Clean

Start cleaning after your iron is unplugged and still somewhat warm. Place a wet paper towel or two inside. Close the lid and let the steam clean your waffle iron. After a minute or two, carefully open the iron back up, remove the paper towels, and, with some dry paper towels, wipe away any loosened crumbs or gunk.

If you still have stuck-on food, try dabbing vegetable oil on the waffle remnants. After applying the oil, wait about 5 minutes before wiping away the waffle debris with a paper towel. The food should slide off easily. Use an old toothbrush if you need to scrub inside the squares of the grid.


More Tips and Tricks

  • There should be no reason to add cooking spray to a nonstick waffle iron. It can cause buildup and eventually lead to a burning smell. If your waffles are sticking, add more oil to your batter before cooking.
  • Do not clean with a scrub brush or scouring pad. These will ruin the nonstick coating.
  • Also, don’t use dish soap. It’s another nonstick coating no-no. Clean warm water will do instead.
  • Some people clean their waffle iron by making a “toss waffle.” Each time the waffle iron is brought out, the first waffle is made just to pull out all the dirt and stuck-on food from the tiny little squares. It then, obviously, gets tossed. It may not the best way to clean your iron, but we included it because “toss waffle” is just fun to say.


No More Waffle Iron Blues

Now you can have your waffles and eat them too (instead of cleaning!) Step aside, pancakes. With these tips, waffles are easy again. Don’t put the waffle iron away now it’s clean, try this post to put it to use.