How to Clean an Umbrella. kid under a clean umbrellaThe umbrella is a lifesaver when you get caught in the rain. It keeps you dry and, hopefully, a little warmer than you might be otherwise. It also can be a fun accessory and a chance to show off some color even when the weather’s gloomy. Keep your cute umbrella looking great with our easy clean umbrella guide.

Step One

Fill the bathtub with warm water and a few drops of laundry detergent.

Step Two

Partially open the umbrella and place it inside the tub full of soapy water. Do not open fully or the umbrella will not be cleaned all over.

Step Three

Let the umbrella soak for 5 to 10 minutes in the bathtub, then gently scrub it with a clean cloth or sponge. Thoroughly clean everything, including the handle, pole, and both the inside and outside of the canopy.

Step Four

After you have cleaned the umbrella, drain the tub and open the umbrella so it can dry. You can speed this process up by wiping it down with a dry clean cloth or aiming a fan at the umbrella.

Cloudy Skies and A Clean Umbrella

The next time you pop open your clean umbrella, it’ll brighten up your mood and the cloudy day. Want to trick out your umbrella even more? Waterproof it by applying a waterproofing agent to the surface. With these tips, you’re prepared for any weather.