How to Clean a TVWatching your favorite show on a dirty screen can be irritating, but not knowing the right way to clean dirt off your screen can be even more so. Make your shows brilliant again with these TV cleaning tips.

LCD TV Screens

First turn off your TV before cleaning. This allows you see all the dirt and dust on the screen. Next use a microfiber cloth to wipe down the entire surface of the LCD screen. Take a step back and make sure you have gotten all the dust and dirt off of the screen. Ta-da!

LED TV Screens

Never use ammonia cleaners on LED TV screens. Ammonia will streak the screen and discolor it. Instead use microfiber cloths. These are great for this kind of cleaning because they attract dust and dirt. You also use a screen cleaner made for LED TV screens. You can find them at your local department store.

Remove Screen Scratches

How to Clean a TV. House cleaning company Maids by TradePetroleum jelly works well for getting rid of screen scratches. Apply petroleum jelly to the scratch on the screen using a cotton ball. Dab the petroleum jelly on the scratch to remove it.

Clean the Remote

How often do you wash your hands before touching the remote? Like most people, probably never. A television remote collects a lot of bacteria. A quick wipe-downs with a disinfectant wipe will quickly clean the remote with no hassle at all.

Now you can watch TV without the characters all having dirty faces thanks to the grime on your screen. You can just focus on the story and the cleanliness on your home. Dust your television frequently to keep it dust-free. You can also have a house cleaning service do the dirty work for you. That way you can sit back and enjoy your shows with no work at all.