clean strollerYour child’s stroller is probably sticky and has a few Cheerios hiding in the cracks of the seat. Although your stroller may be very gross, it’s not very hard to clean! Follow these steps to get a clean stroller.

Step One

Vacuum the stroller. Get rid of loose dirt and junk in the basket, on the seat, tray, etc. Check any pockets for leaves and debris and check the wheels for pressure, tread, and squeakiness (which can be gotten rid of with WD-40 or another silicone lubricant).

Step Two

Remove any detachable plastic pieces for more thorough cleaning. Scrub them in your sink with hot soapy water. Set the pieces aside to dry.

If there are fabric pieces that are removable, check the manufacturer’s tag and see if they are machine washable.  If they are, throw them in the wash! If not, or there are no detachable fabric pieces, take the rest of the stroller outside for some hand-washing.

Step Three

Wet the stroller with your garden hose or a bucket of water if a hose is not available. Use a bucket filled with warm soapy water and a sponge to scrub the stroller. Scrub the sunshade, basket, straps, wheels, everything! Change out your water if it gets too dirty.

Step Four

Rinse the stroller with your garden hose (or another bucket of water) to remove all the soap residue. Set the stroller in the sun to air dry. Don’t fold or pack up the stroller until it has dried thoroughly. You don’t want mold or mildew on your child’s stroller! When everything has completely dried, reassemble the pieces you removed.

How to Remove Stains

You can use your favorite stain remover while scrubbing. A natural product that helps to remove stains is borax. Use a spray bottle filled with water and a tablespoon of borax, spray the solution on the stain, and scrub.

How Often Should a Stroller Be Cleaned?

You should clean your stroller a couple times a year. If the stroller is stored and not used often, remember to occasionally remove it from storage and give it a quick cleaning to keep it looking like new.

Have a Clean Stroller (Even if the Kids Inside It Aren’t!)

You can’t stop kids from being messy, but you can stop them from riding around in a messy stroller. Use this simple method every so often to spruce up your stroller so your kids can ride through the neighborhood in style.