clean scaleYour bathroom scale rests on one of the dirtiest floors in your home and gets stepped on all day, so of course it’s going to be dirty. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that if your scale is dirty, its measurements might be inaccurate. You definitely don’t want that, so learn how to get a clean scale.

Dust the Surface

Dusting first prevents mud from forming when you move on to wet-cleaning. Just use a clean dry cloth to wipe down the surfaces of the scale. Don’t put too much pressure on the scale; you don’t want to break it!

How to Remove Grime

If your scale hasn’t been cleaned for a while, there may be dirt on it that resists simple dusting or wiping. Use a window scraper to remove build-up. If there is grime in a crease, then loosen it with a toothpick or other small implement before wiping it away.


You can clean your scale with a lint-free cloth dampened with water. If water is not enough to clean the surface, dampen your cloth with a solution made from equal parts vinegar and water. Avoid getting the surface too wet and immediately dry it when you have finished cleaning.

We recommend avoiding harsh detergents and cleaners. They can damage the coating on the electrical components of your scale.

Clean Scale, Clean Bathroom, Clean Bill of Health

It all goes together! A scale can help you have a healthy body. So can having a clean environment and the activity of cleaning itself! Cleaning your scale is a great way to remind yourself to take care of all aspects of the health of your body and home.