How to Clean Pressed GlassCut and pressed glass pieces are decorative and meant to add a sense of refinement to the room. However, they can’t do that when they’re dirty! Here are a few ways to get clean pressed glass that shines again.

What’s the Difference Between Cut and Pressed Glass?

Pressed glass pieces are made by pressing molten glass into a mold. Cut glass pieces are decorated by hand by artisans that, as you can probably tell from the name, cut into the glass to produce an intricate pattern.

It doesn’t matter whether your piece is cut or pressed. You can clean both types with the following methods. You might want to exercise more caution with your cut glass though as those pieces are generally more valuable.

Use Detergent

Start with a large plastic tub full of soapy water. (We recommend a plastic tub rather than your sink because it’s very easy to chip your glass on a sink’s hard edges.) Place the glass inside the water and let it soak for a few minutes. After the pieces have soaked, use a soft sponge or cloth to gently wipe them down. Dump the water from the tub and rinse all the pieces off with clean running water. Place on a clean towel to dry or wipe the glass dry with a clean cloth.

Glass Cleaner

You can use a commercial product or make your own glass cleaner. We don’t have to explain how to do this chore! Simply spray the piece with your cleaner and then wipe away.

Rubbing Alcohol

These glass pieces have lots of small creases and corners, perfect for the build-up of grime. Use a cotton swab saturated in rubbing alcohol to remove build-up from these areas.

What NOT to Do

Do not put pressed or cut glass in the dishwasher. The glass could become cloudy, crack, or break. The extreme heat and cleaning products used in a dishwasher are a no-go for these more delicate pieces.

Clean Cut and Pressed Glass is Prettier!

When sunlight hits a piece of clean glassware, the effect is stunning. Not so much with glass that is dirty, grimy, or dull. Use these tips to maintain your cut and pressed glass and keep it looking beautiful.