How to Clean NickelNickel is a beautiful and modern accent in a home. However, whether it’s found on your faucet or your drawer handles, it needs to be clean to look good. We’ll guide you through how to get clean nickel in your home.

Nickel Types

Yes, there are different types of nickel! If you’re a complete nickel novice and don’t know polished from satin, check out this brief explanation.

Satin—This nickel plating is usually treated with a lacquer to dull the shininess of the surface and create a matte effect.

Brushed—Instead of lacquer, the shine is taken off brushed nickel with, of course, brushing. A tool such as a wire brush puts small abrasions in the metal all going in the same direction. This creates a look softer than polished nickel, but not as matte as satin.

Polished—This nickel does not receive the treatments described above. Therefore, it still has a shiny mirror-like surface.

How to Clean

So, is there a difference between how you should clean these three types of nickel? To some degree. Due to its treatment, brushed nickel is more sensitive and should always be cleaned with the gentlest method possible. The cleaning methods we outline below should be safe for all kinds of nickel. You should check your manufacturer’s instructions for guidance on how to clean your specific pieces. If there is a conflict between our suggestions and the owner’s manual, defer to your manual.

Soap and Water

Add a few drops of dish soap to a dam rag and wipe. Dish soap is a gentle cleaner and won’t damage the nickel.

Glass Cleaner

You can clean and polish nickel with any kind of glass cleaner. You know the drill! Spray it on and wipe it back off with a clean cloth or paper towel.

Water and Vinegar

Make a solution of equal parts water and vinegar. Spray this on the nickel and buff the item with a clean cloth. Do not soak nickel in vinegar or allow a vinegar solution to sit on the nickel.

If the vinegar solution alone doesn’t work, you can add a little power to your solution with cornstarch. Add a tablespoon to the vinegar-water mix and clean the nickel again.

Quick Polishing

You do not have to apply chemicals or do anything drastic to polish nickel. Just start with a clean surface by using one of the cleaning methods above. Then use a clean cloth and buff the nickel in a circular motion. That’s all!

Clean Nickel is Simple!

Nickel adds glamour to your home, but it’s no diva. Nickel is a low-maintenance choice for your home that requires only simple cleanings. Just remember to always use the gentlest method first and only choose more aggressive methods if they’re needed. If you don’t have the time for this chore, call your local house cleaning company and see if they can do the work for you!