clean head mountNo longer are head mounts just for the hunting lodge. Taxidermy seems to be an interior decorating element that more and more people are using in their homes and even businesses. Whether your head mount is a trophy from a hunting trip or a “vegan” piece made from man-made materials, it needs to be clean to add interest or rustic drama to your space. So learn how to get a clean head mount now!

How to Dust

Sometimes all you need to do to get a clean head mount is give the head a good dusting. For a real animal head, it’s easiest to use a microfiber cloth that will attract dust. Wipe in the direction the hair is lying. Don’t wipe against the hair.

For faux heads, how you clean it could depend on its structure or material. Faux head mounts can be made of cardboard, papier-mâché, and other materials. You can use a microfiber cloth, but it might be easier to use a feather or static duster.

For both kinds of heads, you should dust at least once a week to keep your décor in top shape.

How to Clean

For a real head, fill a container with warm soapy water. You want to use a mild detergent; too harsh of a detergent could ruin the animal’s hair. Dampen a sponge or cloth with the water and squeeze out the excess water. You also don’t want to over-saturate the mount as that could also ruin its appearance. Wipe down the mount in the direction you dusted. Let it air dry. That’s it!

Again, for fake heads the cleaning method just depends. For many materials, no wet-cleaning is recommended. You probably don’t want to use soap and water on cardboard!

How to Deodorize

With Baking Soda: Baking soda is well-known for its power to absorb smells. Sprinkle a little bit on the head mount and wait 30 minutes. After waiting, remove the baking soda with a vacuum attachment. Vacuum in the direction of the hair and hold the attachment just close enough to the surface of the animal so that it can still suck up the baking soda.

With Vinegar: Fill a spray bottle with vinegar and lightly spray the mount. As the vinegar evaporates, the odors (including the vinegar smell) will disappear.

We hope that your faux head isn’t emitting a smell. We suppose you could sprinkle baking soda on it, too…Let’s just say if your cardboard deer head is smelling, you’re probably not doing something right!

A Clean Head Mount Makes a Room Cool

At the very least, a mounted head on your head is a conversation starter. Keep your mounted deer head clean to show it off to its best advantage.