How to Clean a Dish RackYou wouldn’t think a dish rack would get all that dirty just holding freshly-washed dishes, but it can; hard water stains, mineral deposits, and mold are all possibilities. Use our guide on how to clean a dish rack to make sure your clean dishes stay clean as they dry.

Step One

Start with an empty sink. (If your sink is too small to submerge the dish rack in, then use a bucket or a bathtub.) If your dish rack has a mold problem, add a capful of bleach to this water.

Step Two

Place the rack inside the sink and let it soak for several minutes.

Step Three

Grab a sponge or cloth and start scrubbing! Use a toothbrush to get tight spaces and hard-to-reach corners. After the rack has been thoroughly cleaned, use a clean cloth to dry or set it in an out-of-the-way place to air dry.

More Tips

  • Clean the dish rack once a week to keep mold from growing.
  • Place a clean towel under the dish rack to prevent water leaking onto the counter. Replace every day.
  • If the rack is dishwasher safe, throw it in there! Place it on the top shelf and set to a normal cleaning cycle.
  • If your dish rack smells, sprinkle baking soda over its surface. Let this sit overnight, then clean up the baking soda in the morning.

Clean a Dish Rack Just Like That!

A clean dish rack means clean dishes, too. If you want a clean dish rack, but don’t have the time to clean it, call your local house cleaning company and see if they can help you with this chore.