The slow cooker may cook for you, but unfortunately it doesn’t clean for you. That means you still have at least one chore at the end of a probably busy day. Make it as easy as possible to get a clean crock pot with these great tips!


How to Clean a Slow Cooker


How to Remove Stuck-on Foods

There is no need to scrub for the better part of an hour to remove persistent stuck-on food. Instead, fill the slow cooker with warm water and 1/2 cup of baking soda. Place the lid on and turn the cooker to low. Let this mixture cook for an hour, then turn it back off and let it cool down. Remove the stoneware piece from the rest of the slow cooker and place it inside the sink.

Once it’s in the sink, dump out the water. The stuck-on food should no longer be stuck! Wash how you normally would, with soap, water, and scrubbing. When you’re finished, set the stoneware piece aside to dry.


How to Clean the Heating Base

Do not place the heating base in water to clean it. We recommend reading your instruction manual before cleaning and following the instructions for your specific cooker.

To clean the base, first make sure it is unplugged and cool to the touch. Wipe the inside and the outside of the heating element with a damp cloth.


How to Clean the Lid and Knobs

Fill the sink with warm soapy water and place the lid inside. If there is stuck-on food, let the lid soak for 30 minutes. When you’re ready to clean, scrub with a sponge or non-abrasive scrubber. Rinse and then set aside to dry.

Wipe down the knobs with a sanitizing wipe. That’s it!


General Tips for a Clean Slow Cooker

You can spray the stoneware with a non-stick spray to prevent things from sticking. You could also line the stoneware with parchment paper. You should also try and clean the stoneware as soon as possible after using it. This is another way to prevent stubborn stuck-on food remnants and make your cleaning job easier.

Now that your slow cooker is clean, dirty it up all over again and save yourself the hassle of cooking. You won’t mind using your slow cooker over and over because the clean up is so easy! Enjoy your clean crock pot and don’t worry about the mess ever again.