How to Clean Crocheted DoiliesMaids by Trade’s home city of Portland loves doilies (see the video below!). They’re a way to bring delicacy to any room. However, they look less nice when they’re dirty or start to look yellowish. Read our step-by-step guide on how to clean crocheted doilies, then go clean your daintiest accessories.

Step One

Remove the doily from its space and gently dust it off using a feather duster or a soft-bristled brush. Always remove the dust before wet-cleaning.

Step Two

Fill a large bowl or pot with warm water. Place a few drops of liquid soap in the water and stir to evenly distribute the soap. Fill a second container with just water.

Step Three

Place the doily inside the first container and gently swirl it through the soapy water. Move the doily through the water long enough so that every nook and crease gets cleaned. Once the doily is thoroughly washed, swish it through the second bowl filled with clean water to rinse.

Step Four

After the doily is rinsed, remove it from the water and lay it down flat on a clean towel (white is best so the towel’s color doesn’t transfer to the wet doily). Place another clean white towel on top of the doily. Gently apply pressure to the top towel to soak up water from the doily. Once the top towel has absorbed as much water as it can, remove it. Let the doily lie on the bottom towel until it’s completely dry and ready to return to its space.

Clean Crocheted Doilies Are Cozy!

Doilies are commonly found under flower vases, cookie plates, and other small details in the home. They’re a way to set those small things apart and make them even lovelier. Make sure your doilies are contributing to the elegance of your room by being clean! Our easy tip will have your doilies clean and ready to show off in no time.