Discs may be on the way out, but they’re not gone yet. While they’re still here, we still need tricks on how to clean them. Use these disc-cleaning tips for clean DVDs (and clean CDs!).

How to Clean CDs and DVDs


How to Clean a Disc

Dampen a clean soft cloth with water. You should only ever clean a CD or DVD with a cotton or microfiber cloth. Wipe in straight strokes from the inside rim to the outside rim. Don’t wipe in a circular motion as that may scratch the disc. If water isn’t going to get the job done, try rubbing alcohol instead. Use a clean dry cloth to dry the disc, still wiping in straight lines from the inside out. Make sure the disc is completely dry before it is used.


How to Repair a Scratched Disc

Instead of using some expensive specialty item to fix a scratched CD or DVD, use toothpaste. It really works!  Toothpaste will fill the scratches in the disc. When the scratches are filled, the surface of the disc is smooth again and can be read by the player correctly. For this to work, you should use a gritty toothpaste and not a gel.

Start with a clean disc. Put some toothpaste on a clean cloth or cotton swab. Apply this directly to the scratch and gently buff  the area. Once the scratch has been fixed, gently rinse and dry your disc again.

If you don’t want to use toothpaste to clean a CD, there are cleaners available at big-box stores that are specifically designed to clean a CD or DVD.



Just because you know how to fix a scratch doesn’t mean you should stop being careful with your CDs and DVDs. Don’t stack bare discs on top of each other. You’ll run out of toothpaste fixing all those scratches! Keep your discs in paper or plastics containers


Clean CDs and DVDs with Ease!

Hopefully you now know better than to just wipe a disc with your t-shirt. Use these tips and your DVDs will be in pristine condition long after they’ve become completely obsolete.