How to Clean a Bicycle. clean bicycleA bicycle gets dirty easily and quickly, but most of the time it’s fine with just a quick hose-down. After a while though, your bike deserves a good scrubbing. If you want your bike to look like new as you ride through town, read these tips on how to get a clean bicycle.

How to Clean

Start by hosing the bicycle down. Do not use high pressure when hosing down your bike. Doing so could force water into places where it shouldn’t be, e.g. greasy bearings that need to stay greasy.

Once you’ve given the bike a light hose down, it’s time to scrub. Use warm soapy water and get the frame as well as the handlebars, seat, spokes. Get the dirt and grime in between the spokes with a toothbrush. Rinse off the bike with the hose again to remove the soap.

Wax the Bicycle

You can wax a bike just like you would a car. Waxing your bike gives it a beautiful shine and, because wax makes it harder for mud and dust to stick to the surface, a good waxing will make your bike easier to clean later.

Clean the Bicycle Chain

The chain of the bike can collect a lot of dirt and debris. To clean, remove it from the bike and place in a bucket full of warm water. Use a toothbrush or any small-bristled brush to scrub off the gunk. Dry the chain well with a clean cloth and re-lube it before replacing. Don’t go too crazy with the lube though as a thick layer will just attract more dirt!

Clean Bicycle

No matter if you’re cruising through dirty downtown puddles or rolling over tree roots, you’ll need to know how to really clean your bike. And now you do! Take care of your bicycle and it will last for a long time.