National Chocolate Pudding Day is celebrated on June 26!  You didn’t read incorrectly.  We have a day set aside to celebrate chocolate pudding!  Isn’t our country great?  We get a guilt free day to incorporate chocolate pudding into our diet.  You definitely should indulge!


Chocolate Pudding Day


Chocolate Pudding Day and Kids

National Chocolate Pudding Day is sure to be a hit with the kids.  They will certainly enjoy the sweet treat and any activities you can incorporate into the theme.  Just picture their cute little faces…. covered in chocolate pudding!  Caution – your kitchen might get covered too!  You may have some house cleaning to do at the end of the day.

There are several options and brands of chocolate pudding on the market.  Better yet, try making a homemade version.  The main ingredients are probably right in your kitchen already.  All it takes is a little sugar, cocoa, cornstarch, salt, milk, butter, vanilla, and some whipping cream as a topping.  The whipping cream is optional, but one must not skip this wonderful indulgence!  Add some sprinkles, fruit, or candy toppings to earn extra points with your children.


Recipe Options

The internet is covered with chocolate pudding recipes.  You can find all different varieties.  You can make it healthy (or at least healthier).  You can make it into a chocolate mousse with a little whipping.  You can even make it into a pudding cake or a pudding pie.  There is even a chocolate chia seed pudding or a chocolate zucchini pudding that are popular breakfast options.  I’ve even heard of chocolate avocado pudding.  If your kids are a little older, have a competition to see who can find the weirdest or most unique chocolate pudding recipe out there on the internet.  You could also have a new recipe development competition in your family.  Who knows – maybe you’ll develop the best chocolate pudding recipe ever! Try to incorporate chocolate pudding into each meal of the day.  Do you see how much fun National Chocolate Pudding day can be?  The sky is the limit.


Chocolate Pudding Day and Kids


Chocolate Pudding Day Cleanup

Ok – so it isn’t all fun and games.  Chocolate Pudding Day might end up with a mess.  Cocoa and whipped cream covered counters sounds like fun, don’t they?  There could potentially be some chocolate footprints throughout the house if you aren’t careful.  A little preparation can save you some house cleaning later.  Depending on the weather, take all the ingredients outside to mix up.  Or cover the countertops with paper that can easily be gathered up at the end of the fun.  Ensure everyone involved (especially kids) are wearing old clothes that can be stained.  After you’re finished creating your pudding masterpieces put all of the clothes straight in the washing machine. Use these cleaners that you might already have at home. Don’t let the worry of a little house cleaning ruin the creative fun you can have with your family celebrating chocolate pudding!