busy moms should stop doing these tasks Busy moms can have it all, but it sure is difficult. So only do what you have to, and let other people do the rest! If you need more time to focus on your kids or your work, but you still want a nice home, then stop doing these three time-consuming and important-but-not-important-enough-that-I-have-to-do-it-personally tasks and let a house cleaning service take over.


What’s clear and all around you? Okay yes, air, but also windows. Windows as far as the eye can see. And when was the last time they were cleaned? We all know an interior with lots of natural light looks cleaner and more spacious, but that’s not happening without clean windows. Turns out window cleaning is as necessary as it is boring, so this is definitely a chore you should outsource.

Floor Cleaning

Obviously don’t call a maid every time a sippy cup gets turned over, but when it’s time for an extensive deep cleaning of your floors (and trust us, every floor needs one), you should turn to professionals. Not only will a professional team be able to take this time-consuming chore completely off your to-do list, they’ll be able to do it better than you ever could. Cleaning crews have experience and know-how (deep cleaning a hardwood floor is not similar to deep cleaning carpet, and so on). So every few months, when your floors are looking noticeably worn, call in the pros.

Kitchen Nooks and Crannies

We’re willing to bet we could find some dirt or nastiness in 99% of all kitchens in America. This isn’t because the people using them are gross, but because they’re so hard to really and truly get clean. Kitchens are where some of the biggest messes are made, and they have a huge surface area when it comes to cleaning! Think about it: in addition to the regular cleaning you do, there are the insides of the cabinets, refrigerator, freezer, microwave, and oven. Then there are sinks and stovetops, capable of their own special messes. All these places touch your food or are involved with food preparation, and they all get very dirty. Someone’s got to clean them and it doesn’t have to be you. These chores are tedious, necessary, and able to be done by your local house cleaning service.

Busy Moms Relax!

There are more important things to think about than cleaning, so go think about them and leave the cleaning to someone else. It’s that easy! Maids by Trade will be there to pick up the slack. Review our service options and then request a cleaning quote today!