Maids by Trade Uses BitCoin TechnologyMaids by Trade a local house cleaning company is thrilled to join Bit Consultants, a company based in beautiful Portland, Oregon. Bit Consultants’ goal is to bring Bitcoin to the mainstream by helping businesses and individuals easily understand and utilize this empowering new technology. Bitcoin is a ground breaking technology much like the internet is. It will enable financial freedom on global scale and will disrupt many outdated and monopolized economic institutions. The technology behind Bitcoin will forever change the way humans do business together.

The Bitcoin industry is still very young, and the technology is so advanced and novel, that it is often misunderstood. Finding accurate information at this point in time can be difficult, which is why Bit Consultants is committed to keeping up with the latest developments to provide its current clients such as Maids by Trade with the most accurate and up-to-date information possible. “We hope to be a leading resource for those who wish to learn more about these emerging technologies”, said Anna, founder of Bit Consultants.

About BitConsultants

Bit Consultants recognized a need for professional consulting services regarding Bitcoin. They offer seamless payment integration, unique marketing opportunities, and free educational resources to the public. Currently they are the only professional consulting service in the greater Portland area focused specifically on Bitcoin and digital currency education and integration.

Maids by Trade has been working together with Anna and Ian who have built the business of Bit Consultants together, who were brought together by complementary skills in technology and business.
Anna has a formal education in global economics and international business. Her vision is to increase individual and local self-sufficiency, decreasing reliance upon outdated economic systems. She is inspired by the decentralized, transparent, and all-inclusive nature of Bitcoin, and has high hopes for its potential to facilitate meaningful grassroots initiatives.

Ian has a passion for creativity and free markets, as a technology enthusiast, graphics designer, and musician. Ian believes that technologies like Bitcoin will allow individuals from all around the world to collaborate and build new, efficient economies without the significant barriers to entry created by modern banking systems. The invention of digital currencies will allow money to move a freely as the internet allows information to move.

Day to day Bit Consultants are building educational resources, keeping up with the latest developments, and seeking out opportunities to network with more people. They also provide custom consulting and business integrations, as well as marketing services for its clients.
Constantly both Anna and Ian are keeping up to date with new developments surrounding digital currencies and the flourishing new economy as well. This year, they expect more widespread adoption of the digital currency, and businesses that get ahead of the curve now will have a significant advantage. Their statement, “the industry we are involved in is evolving faster than the early years of the internet”, accurately describes current market trends.

Features and Services

One of the most innovative features of Bitcoin is the ability to send micro-payments. This feature is already changing the landscape of social media and content creation. A micro-payment is the ability to send very small amounts of money to support content creators online. This has never before been possible with traditional payment services because of exorbitant fees.

A relevant service that they provide to their current clients is called Circle. Circle is a Bitcoin service that allows you to connect a bank account and send any amount of money to anyone in the world with 0 fees. You can then easily withdraw your bitcoins as cash in your bank account. Circle is leading the industry in seamless digital currency integration, making it easy for consumers to adopt this new technology.
Being a Portland based business just like Maids by Trade and having other companies being part of this new service makes Bit Consultants to aim in keeping everything local and support other local businesses as well.

Apart from working with local businesses at the end of 2014, Microsoft became the largest corporation to begin accepting Bitcoin payments. They were one of many major corporations to integrate the payment option this past year. As more businesses offer Bitcoin as a payment option, it becomes a more useful medium of exchange for goods and services. It also assures business people new to the technology that it’s a legitimate, safe, and useful tool to earn additional revenue, attract more customers, and protect themselves and their customers from fraud.

In 5 years Bitcoin will be ubiquitous in everyday life. It is even possible that people won’t know that they are using it. Much like the internet, Bitcoin is a set of protocols that people will build applications on top of, enabling ease of use for the general public. It will likely follow the same trend as the internet — the first few years, it was very difficult to use and understand, but today, it is simple enough that children can and do use it regularly. Bitcoin will be the main mode of global money transference because of its efficient network and low cost.

Maids by Trade and BitCoin

Just as Maids by Trade has begun to use this service with its current clients, other businesses can use it too. There is absolutely no risk involved with accepting bitcoin payments as a business. Do you own a business or know someone that can benefit from Bitcoin? Contact Bit Consulting in Portland Oregon today!