There is a relatively low barrier to entry for the house cleaning industry. A rugged individual just has to gather equipment and start peddling their service. This means there are a lot of cleaning companies out there. Which one should a savvy consumer choose? Here are a few ways to differentiate between services and separate the best cleaning company from the rest.


How to Tell Which Cleaning Company is the Best


1. The Services Offered

A quality house cleaning company will offer a large range of service options that can be customized to your home’s unique needs. Especially great companies will offer even more services that you can opt to use.

One service that should always be offered is the in-home estimate. If a company does not offer a free in-home estimate where someone can assess your home and provide you with an accurate quote for cleaning, don’t choose that company. You should always have the option of making an in-home estimate appointment for free.


2. Experience

As mentioned earlier, almost anyone can start a cleaning business. However, it takes true professionals to keep one in business. Look for a business that customers have supported for a least ten years. A company with at least a decade of experience will have a proven system of cleaning, excellent customer relations, and do the highest-quality work.


3. Price

A quality cleaning company matches their price with the quality of service they provide. Beware of low quotes and sight-unseen estimates. Companies that provide a significantly lower price than other businesses are not going to provide thorough quality work. They might not be well-equipped and they probably won’t be willing to take the time needed to properly do the work for the amount you are paying them. Select companies that are honest about the fair cost of the work.


4. Local Reputation and History

Of course, you don’t want to take the company’s word for how great their work is. Look at their reputation in reviews. Compare companies and see which customers love the best.

Also, a company with standing in the local community will have a reputation in the media! Check out the company’s community involvement to find out more about the character of the company and the nature of the organization you’ll be working with.


The Best Cleaning Company in Portland is Maids by Trade

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