I hope you are feeling artsy because August 9 is Art Appreciation Day!  Art is everywhere so there’s much to appreciate on this day.  Merriam-Webster.com defines art as “something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings.”  Do you know what that means?  It means that almost anything can be considered art.  We often think of paintings and sculptures when we think of art, but in reality art can be photography, drawings, crafts, or other designs.


International Art Appreciation Day


Art is all around us.  It plays such a big part of our daily lives, and we often do not even notice.  Art influences how we dress, our thoughts, and our daily work.


Art Appreciation is Enjoyment

A child’s crayon drawing is as much art as something created by Leonardo DaVinci (although it probably will not sell for as much at auction)!  What is considered art depends on the eye of the beholder, and art appreciation is everywhere!

A parent will likely treasure their child’s handprint drawn into a turkey for Thanksgiving and consider it a work of art!  A well-groomed poodle complete with its perfectly sized balls of hair might also be considered a work of art to the dog showing community.  A home owner or maid service might view an exceptional house cleaning job a work of art.  Fashion is a form of art to fashion designers.

Just think of the art put into wedding dresses or the clothing seen worn on the red carpet by celebrities.  Have you seen a landscape design that took your breath away?  Bushes or flowering plants carved into figures or an animal is definitely considered art in some people’s eyes!  There are so many examples of art in our world that one can’t possible cover them all.  So let’s just get right into celebrating Art Appreciation Day!


International Art Appreciation Day for enjoyment


How to Celebrate Art Appreciation Day

So just how can you celebrate art appreciation?  You could go to an art museum or art exhibit.  Check your local papers for events near you.  Big cities will likely have special events planned for Art Appreciation Day.  Art fans can spend the whole day there walking around and absorbing the art without growing tired.

If you have children, you could explain the importance of art and have them help celebrate art appreciation by creating art of their own.  Get the creative juices flowing by challenging them to come up with unique and special pieces of work. Set up the easel, get out the paints and let them create!  You may choose to show them famous art pieces and educate them on the life of the artist.  There are so many different artists in history to choose from or pick out a current artist.  Children would enjoy an art museum as well.  You could follow the museum with a trip to an ice cream shop.  The kids will love creating ice cream art with all of the toppings you can choose from!  What a great way to celebrate art appreciation!


Display Your Art

Another great way to appreciate art is to show it off in your home.  Whether you choose to proudly display your child’s artwork or choose to purchase art created by a famous artist, your home makes the perfect place to show it off.  Everything from curtains to wall hangings to furniture can come together to create a work of art in your home.

Don’t let the clutter or dirt and grime take away from the art you love and cherish.  A good house cleaning is all it takes to put the focus on where it should be—the artwork all around your home!  Remember that the house cleaning itself can be viewed as a form of art!  Who knew you could celebrate art appreciation day by cleaning?  Well maybe it might be more fun to hire someone to clean for you so you can find other ways to show your art appreciation.

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Art is all around us.  You don’t have to look very hard to find it.  Have a great day and enjoy this beautiful world!