Wild Planet Radio

Maids by Trade is proud to sponsor of KPQR 99.1 Wild Planet Radio!

About Wild Planet

Wild Planet Radio was the first full-time FM radio station focused on the LGBTQ community in the United States. By using the medium of radio, Wild Planet aims to “give people the tools to become better communicators which will empower them to be strong community participants.” The station is a non-profit and serves as a platform for Portland’s LGBTQ community to discuss issues, share stories, educate, and connect.

Proud Sponsor of Wild Planet Radio

Proud Sponsor

Maids by Trade is a house cleaning company dedicated to giving back and community involvement. We started in Portland and have been in business here for almost twenty years. We owe our success to the community and we want to return the favor by supporting worthy causes in our city. Learn more about our background as a Portland business.

Maids by Trade regularly supports LGBTQ causes, events, and organizations. In addition to sponsoring KPQR, we have participated in the Portland Pride Festival and been involved with many other organizations that promote LGBTQ people. We believe Wild Planet Radio is an important contribution both to the queer community and the city of Portland.