This short and sweet Yelp review of Maids by Trade was posted by a one-time client from Vancouver, Washington. It was so great to hear their enthusiastic feedback:


house-cleaning-review-by-E.-G%3B sparkling review of Maids by Trade


Thanks so much, E. G., for sharing your experience with our service. We love finding out what details stand out to clients. We’re overjoyed that our work made your house look cleaner than it was when it was brand new.


Unmatched Deep Cleaning

We’re especially happy that our crew was able to clean the shower successfully after many previous attempts. We love tackling tough cleaning tasks and showing scum who’s boss. We have nearly 20 years of experience cleaning almost everything imaginable in a home, so we rarely meet a mess we can’t handle. We actually share our expertise on our website in a section dedicated to Cleaning Tips, including how to remove hard water build-up from showers! We encourage visitors to our site to check out our tips and let us know in the comments what worked for them.


Thanks for the Review of Maids by Trade!

Thanks again to E. G. for sharing a positive review. We truly appreciate your show of support, it was a pleasure cleaning your home, and we hope to work with you again in the future.

-The Maids by Trade Family!