Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drill


PORTLAND, OR – OCTOBER 9, 2015  Portland house cleaning company Maids by Trade announced their participation in The Great Oregon ShakeOut. This earthquake drill will take place at the headquarters of the house cleaning company in mid-October with a plan to repeat it on an annual basis for safety of its cleaning team members and staff.

Portland ShakeOut DrillMajor earthquakes may happen anywhere you work, live, or travel in Oregon. Maids by Trade believes this is as chance for all of the house cleaning staff and crews to practice together on how to protect themselves, and for everyone to become prepared in case of an emergency. By acting now will ensure that such disaster doesn’t become catastrophic.

Maids by Trade is updating the evacuation procedures to optimize and ensure the safety of its workforce during the event of a real earthquake. It is important to be informed and having a drill will result as a “teachable moment” on par with having an actual earthquake (often followed by increased interest in getting ready for earthquakes).

All of the team members and office staff of Maids by Trade will participate. The office personnel will do a drill and then evacuate the office and gather at a safe point outside the Maids by Trade building. While the team members working in the homes will also do the same at some point during the cleaning in the client’s homes by finding a safe spot to Drop, Cover and Hold on.

Maids by Trade’s Ten Key Benefits of Participating in Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills

Our house cleaning team members will:

  • Know how to protect themselves in the workplace or at home
  • Minimize incorrect, unsafe and potentially harmful actions during shaking
  • Learn steps to lessen property damage
  • Help save live and reduce injuries
  • Increase Maids by Trades’ ability to survive a significant earthquake
  • Learn how to recover and resume normal business operations more promptly
  • Receive guidelines, updates, and reminders on sound emergency practices to increase resiliency
  • Protect homes and families to be able to return to work faster
  • Position Maids by Trade as a role model for disaster preparedness in the community and cleaning industry
  • Gain peace of mind as Maids by Trade becomes more prepared

The goal is to save lives and prevent disasters in an earthquake, when you may only have seconds to protect yourself before strong shaking knocks you down, or something falls on you. This isn’t just a drill it will inspire our house cleaning staff and communities in the Portland area to come together.

Taking small steps like these can save your life. We encourage everyone to participate! We invite friends and family to practice for their safety, too! Remember to DROP! COVER! HOLD ON!