Premium House Cleaning

You deserve it!

Premium House Cleaning is the ultimate luxury package in Home Care and exclusively delivered by Maids by Trade. Our Premium option includes not only all of Standard House Cleaning, but also an expanded list of chores to be done every time.

Premium House Cleaning service - You are the star.

You’re hiring maids because you don’t want to worry about your cleaning. So let us really take care of it all with our Premium service. We’ll take over your chores, from the pantry to the pet bed, and make sure every area of your home is immaculate.

Premium House Cleaning Service

Custom Work

You and your home, first. With Premium House Cleaning we take personalized service to the next level. During your free consultation we will create a custom cleaning plan designed around your specific needs and the demands of your household. You’ll choose what services you want, right down to the folding of your bath towels or the fluffing of your pillows. Every home is unique, so the way Maids by Trade cleans every home is unique. With Maids by Trade, you’re the star.


Practical & accessible. Premium House Cleaning makes it seem like your house is taking care of itself. This comprehensive service includes even the minutiae of house cleaning, so you’ll forget to ever worry about cleaning because every little detail will be addressed. Who wouldn’t love to come home every night to an orderly home without any effort? Add that to our easy process and payment system and getting the clean you want has never been easier.

Peace of Mind

Tailored & detailed. Premium Home Cleaning is more than just easy—it’s also healthy and safe. All our services sanitize your home, but our Premium service goes above and beyond. Premium service includes those parts of your home that are often neglected (and that other maid services won’t do!) Of course, with our EcoPink System, your home is actually getting clean and not coated with harmful chemicals. Premium House Cleaning is the superior choice for complete and safe sanitization.

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To truly understand the kind of all-inclusive and personalized service our Premium House Cleaning offers, contact us to schedule a free in-home estimate. During your estimate appointment, you make the decisions and build the luxury service list that perfectly fits your home’s needs.