This review is an update from our client Michael C. You can read the first review he wrote after a year of service, and then check out what he had to add after two years of excellent service below!


House-cleaning-review-by-Michael-C. "they have consistently and reliably delivered excellent service at each visit."


Thanks, Michael, for leaving an up-to-date review. We’re grateful for clients that give us feedback, the more the better!


Excellent Service: Making Sure We’re the Best

We are glad Michael mentioned our Quality Control system. We believe that we that we have a higher standard of service than any of our competitors, including national brands. Performing at-random checks on our maids’ work, treating our maids with respect, and having actual employees rather subcontractors are just a few of the ways we ensure our service is consistently excellent.

We look forward to working with Michael for years to come. We aim to continually impress.

-The Maids by Trade Family