Portland House Cleaning

A search for Portland house cleaning companies will turn up plenty of results, but in order to cut through the clutter you need a set of quality criteria with which to weigh companies. Below are a few filters to use when selecting a Portland house cleaning company.

Portland house cleaning

1. Does Their Service Match Your Need?

What kind of house cleaner you hire will partially depend on your house cleaning needs. Do you need help cleaning before a one-time event? Are you perpetually too busy to keep up with household chores? Whatever your reason for hiring maid service, you want a company that provides high-quality service that matches your need.

Maids by Trade offers flexible and customizable service. We have multiple service options, and we do one-time cleanings and recurring service, as well as move-in and move-out cleanings. Our large service menu and scheduling flexibility mean we’re Portland’s choice for all kinds of house cleaning.

2. Is Their Service the Best?

Super service award winner serviceYou don’t want just any company that can get the job done. You want the best! Choose a company that has lots of great reviews and has lots of experience.

Maids by Trade has been in business for almost twenty years. In that time, we have delivered the highest-quality service in the house cleaning industry to hundreds of satisfied customers. Read more about our company and our commitment to our customers.

3. Are They a Company Worth Supporting?

You want your money to support a business that is a positive presence in its community.

Maids by Trade helps the local community in lots of ways! We do our part for the environment by exclusively using the EcoPink™ System to clean homes. We also believe in Giving Back, so we sponsor and support many local organizations, events, and nonprofits.

Portland House Cleaning Means Maids by Trade


When you look at your options, there’s only one obvious choice: Maids by Trade! We’re the local Portland-born company with lots of experience, our services are adaptable to the needs of your specific home and your schedule, and we’re a company that cares about the community we all share. Request your estimate today to get started with service.