Photo Contest: Clean Homes Bring Joy and Happiness

Maids by Trade is looking for clean homes with proud owners! Participate in the Maids by Trade Photo Contest and have the chance to win a $300 house cleaning gift certificate. You also will have the opportunity to show off your home to thousands of people who will see how happy you are with a clean home.

Relax and feel free to include the teams!

Don’t stress about fixing up your home. The point is just to show happy people and their clean homes. If you have regular cleaning appointments with us, you can even take the opportunity when the team shows up and take a picture with them. Feel free to post it online. Our teams are just as excited to show off their work as you are to show your home.

Tickle our artistic bone and tug at our heartstrings

People in the Portland metro area have interesting homes with incredible stories. Some are inspiring, others are artistic, many are surprising and outstanding. We want to get to know your home through this entry, so make sure your picture(s) shows how happy a clean home makes you.

Use your phone, tablet, or camera (no need for pro cameras).

Once you have selected your picture(s), upload them to Yelp, so viewers and our panel can vote on them. If you want, after you post your pictures on Yelp, feel free to share them with your team, you can email them to us through this form. Make sure to choose the pictures that you like the most and share them with us.

Keep it clean, literally

We want your picture to reflect the happiness clean homes can cause. If you have a concern or something needs to be addressed, please let us know, we are more than happy to assist you.
We never share your information! We will only use your contact information to update you of your progress through this contest.