House Cleaning Services in West Linn

West Linn can’t have a one-size-fits-all approach for its house cleaning needs– this unique city has all types of homes, from the 900 sq. ft. cottage cabin along the Willamette River to the 11,000+ sq. ft. residence with a pool. Each family has unique needs, and therefore each home is going to need a customized Home Care. Where one family might need house cleaning service every other week, other families need house cleaning at least twice per week. West Linn has set the trend – one size doesn’t fit all and house cleaning tasks must be customized. Maids by Trade can accommodate your all of family’s house cleaning needs.


House Cleaning Services in West Linn


The quote: “Cheaper by the dozen” doesn’t not fit anywhere in West Linn, every home owner and family have their demands of Home Care and Maids by Trade is here to deliver just that. With nearly two decades in the house cleaning industry, Maids by Trade has set the standard when it comes to Home Care. Hundreds of satisfied clients in West Linn attest for the quality in service provided by Maids by Trade and while dozens of other house cleaning companies try to increase their market share, it has been a difficult challenge as Maids by Trade has a long-standing reputation with the West Linn community.


Home Care that excels

Maids by Trade customizes it house cleaning service to fit your needs at any level. The amount of high profile client in the West Linn area attests for our commitment to deliver the best house cleaning services available.


Honest business practices

We treat every client with the highest regard and respect, applying the most respectable people values; including honest and fair business practices when providing cleaning services to our loyal clients.


Built on a spotless reputation

Nearly two decades of good standing with our community is something to be proud of, and Maids by Trade has worked hard to keep its position with the West Linn community. The comments satisfied clients post online can confirm our efforts to deliver the best we can.


Dedicated to our West Linn Clients

From the moment you have an in-home estimate, we show the amount of detail and customization we can provide to your family. Once you sign up with Maids by Trade, we will make sure you get the best you can get in Home Care— from scheduling and property maintenance to convenience and flexibility.

Our house cleaning services have been available to West Linn residents for many years and now we also serve neighboring communities throughout Oregon: Oregon City, Milwaukie, Lake Oswego and Tualatin. Experience Home Care at its best today!