This is a review posted on Yelp from a client named Roy, who chose Maids by Trade to help prepare their home for an upcoming event. It’s always gratifying to hear positive feedback from those we have worked with:

Great house cleaning review by Roy

Maids by Trade avatarWe are very proud that you trusted us with the responsibility of preparing your home for your special occasion and that you enjoyed your experience working with Maids by Trade! The team was happy to hear that you were impressed with their performance. They felt very comfortable at your home, and said that it was a pleasure performing your house cleaning.

As a company, Maids by Trade endeavors to provide comprehensive and efficient service, with utmost professionalism, and at a reasonable price. We respect our clients’ time and privacy, as well as appreciate their desire for both quality and value. We are so pleased to find out that you were satisfied with these areas of our service!

Thank you so much for choosing Maids by Trade to assist you with your house cleaning needs! We really appreciate your supportive comments and we look forward to working with you again in the future!

The Maids by Trade Family!