This review was also found on Yelp, posted by a client of Maids by Trade, Ben. It was great to learn about his experience of house cleaning service with us:

House cleaning review by Ben.

Maids by Trade avatarIt’s great to hear back from you that you were so thoroughly satisfied with cleaning that was performed on your apartment. Maids by Trade takes pride not just in the number of homes we clean, but the quality of the cleaning that is accomplished. It’s awesome to know that you noticed our keen attention to detail!

At Maids by Trade, we understand that having unfamiliar people in your home while your away can be unsettling. This is why we always have our clients meet the teams before the first cleaning. Another thing that can be considered unsettling is returning home to find a cleaning bill much higher than what was expected, without any kind of consent. This is why our company works very hard at keeping all lines of communication open, allowing us to provide consistent service reminders, as well as update both the teams and our clients of any changes that arise. Furthermore, we strive to provide reasonably accurate estimates, as well as make sure clients are aware of any additional fees or discounts. It is our pleasure to provide you with comfortable and transparent customer service!

We are excited that you are so enthusiastic about the house cleaning you received! We hope to continue providing you with excellent customer service and quality house cleaning service! We look forward to working with you in the near future!

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience with us!

The Maids by Trade Family!