Marla: The House Cleaning Expert

Marla is our house cleaning expertMeet Marla, Maids by Trade’s house cleaning expert! Learn about her story, why she loves cleaning, and how she helps everyone have a better home.


About Marla

Like Maids by Trade, Marla was born in Portland. She’s a very social person and likes to always be surrounded by the people she loves. In her free time, Marla likes to go hiking and watch funny movies. She is a maid at Maids by Trade because she likes having an active job, interacting with people, and cleaning.

House Cleaning Expert

Marla loves cleaning. She likes both the end result of a orderly environment and the calm and quiet of the cleaning process. For Marla, cleaning her home is a way to say to herself, “I deserve nice things.”

Marla enjoys sharing her love of clean with others. She offers Cleaning Tips so that visitors to our website can have a one-stop place to find all the information about cleaning they need. At Maids by Trade, we not only want to help people with our high-quality cleaning service, but also with our cleaning expertise. We hope that through our Cleaning Tips we can help you clean even when we’re not in your home!

Marla also shares her Fun Facts about cleaning. Many people think of cleaning as boring, but it definitely doesn’t have to be. Cleaning involves chemistry, biology, history, and so much more. Check out Marla’s fun facts and learn something!

Ambassador of Clean

While Marla loves cleaning, she also understands not everyone feels the same way. She is happy to help those who don’t have her patience or the time for the cleaning process itself. She inspires and enables others to have the clean home they’ve always wanted.