Green Living Advisor

Jessica Maddalena is Maids by Trade’s Green Living Advisor. She has made a great addition to our team due to her background in blogging and expertise in green living.

Jessica has participated in The Sustainability Initiative and had extensive training in the Environmental Sustainability field, plus the years of experience obtained while writing and contributing information on sustainability in hopes of making a change in people’s lives, both in the way we live and the way we eat.

Green living advisor

Currently a student at Portland State University, Jessica has taken classes both at the university and local community college on the subject of environmental sustainability. In addition, she has done a great deal of independent study on the subject.

As Maids by Trade’s advisor, Jessica contributes with articles and blog posts about eco-friendly cleaning practices as well as tips and suggestions for healthy eating.

“Protecting the earth and resources is really important to me. This is our home and if we don’t take good care of it, we’re going to lose it and nothing will be left for our children.”

Jessica was born in Vallejo, California and since then has moved between Washington, Colorado and Orange County until she finally ended up in Oregon.

Green living advisor in Portland Oregon

Having lived in the Portland Metro Area for the past nine years, she has come to love the eccentric city and all the diversity that can be found within its limits. She is drawn to the city of Portland, and to Portland State University, because of the environmental awareness and the efforts made by the people and the city to live sustainably.Jessica is a family-oriented person who has many other interests besides those in the sustainability field. Her hobbies include reading, writing and painting, as well as cooking, playing video games and spending time with her friends. She also enjoys making jewelry in her spare time.

“I love the Pacific Northwest. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.”

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