COVID-19 ▬ Supporting Our Teams While Protecting Our Clients

Maids by Trade is committed to continue providing this essential service to both our ongoing clients, as well as those needing a one time cleaning appointment. Our goal is to deliver the much needed cleaning and sanitation while we eliminate the risk of spreading the virus and protecting our team members.

► Client must keep a safe distance from any team member while at their home

► Team members will wear a mask before entering a house and while cleaning

► Only teams of two to reduce overcrowding now that clients are at home

► We perform a full sanitation after every cleaning in high touch areas

► Every tool is fully sanitized before arriving to a house

In addition to the steps listed above, Maids by Trade has implemented the following safety and sanitation measures in our office and daily activities:

► We sanitize every vehicle

► All rags, tools and supplies are sanitized

► Every step of the process is carefully planned to avoid cross contamination

► Our business office is closed to the public (Call our office before showing up)

► We follow all the safety recommendations by government officials

► We regularly sanitize our work spaces while keeping a safe environment and distance at all times during a work day

► Only one person in per room/office at all times, including lunch and breaks

► No visitors are allowed in the building or at the door

► Read our most recent blog post about Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Call us today to schedule your next cleaning appointment and help us follow all measures implemented for everyone’s safety

Supporting Our Employees

One of our guiding principles is to empower employees to make the right decisions so they can deliver the best service possible while protecting each other and our clients. COVID-19 might not go away as soon as we want, we must look out for each other. Please refrain from approaching the team closer than 6 feet or creating an environment of exposure, so please help minimize the risk for all, including the next client who awaits for their cleaning team. Let’s all practice safety.

Financial Support

Many team members might be limited or denied in receiving government financial assistance, so we must work together to help them recover and avoid the impact to their livelihoods. Maids by Trade is currently awaiting the approval of a loan to help cover employee’s lost wages during these times. We encourage you to pitch in and support our teams by donating on this page.

Learn more about COVID-19 from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

► Interim Recommendations for U.S. Households with Suspected or Confirmed Coronavirus Disease

► General Recommendations for Routine Cleaning and Disinfection of Households

► General Recommendations for Cleaning and Disinfection of Households with People Isolated in Home Care

► How to clean and disinfect hard and soft surfaces, electronics, linens, clothing

► Hand hygiene and other preventive measures. Visit website.

Other Resources

OSHA COVID-19: Control and Prevention

CDC Home Care Guidance: Prevent spreading

Source: CDC