Maids by Trade’s Business Partners

Looking for business partners? We are happy to announce that Maids by Trade constantly sponsors local organizations. Every year we join local events to help these nonprofits raise funds to help build stronger communities by providing with the essential resources. We invite companies to join us as business partners to promote the events and we’ll in turn promote you with our select clients.

Business Partners

We would like to invite all businesses, as valuable members of our community, to join forces with our company for a great cause. This is a great chance for you to promote your product or service to over 25,000 blog subscribers (See demographic chart below).

We welcome you to place your business cards at our booths. In addition, we need products or certificates that can be used as prizes in a spinning wheel along with other prizes from Maids by Trade. Contributing with prizes will get your brand exposure directly through the events and on our website, where we will list you as a partnered business.

Business Partners

Ways to be part of this great opportunity:

  • Any partnering business can display business cards in our booth at no cost.
  • Any business donating products over $100 in value will be linked on our website
  • Any business donating products over $300 in value will get: link, shout out on social media and a mention on blog.
  • Any businesses donating products over $500 in value should contact us today for other options.

In addition, we will make a press release and a newsletter that will be sent to our subscribers, plus our Facebook page that has an audience of nearly 30,000 followers and other social media outlets; with an estimated exposure of over 150,000 people in our area.

Client demographics

  • Home Owners: 84.40%
  • Married: 68.70%
  • Loyalty Rate: 73.40%
  • Ages 25 to 39: 29.10%
  • Ages 40 to 65: 55.70%
  • Ages 65 & Over: 15.20%
  • Household Income $25K-50K: 21.60%
  • Household Income $51K-100K: 53.60%
  • Household Income $101K & Up 24.80%

Join our efforts and support our community. Thank you for your time and we hope to continue working together.
Reach out to us now, get your business exposed and grow with us today!