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We need a new word for “ messy ”. My house was so messy that even after hours of cleaning, it was still a mess. What in the world was I doing for the last two hours? And what was I doing before I started cleaning? Maybe we could call it ult-messy (short for ultra-messy) or smessy (short for sooooo messy). Maybe there’s another word we can come up with, a completely new word like UGHHHHH!!! I think that describes the sound I make when I see the massive amount of mess I’ve been dealing with. I’m back down to just a mess now after two long hours.

Sorry for the mess -Savvy Humor-messy

Had to clean my house for two hours just to tell guests




At least all my guests saw was my messy house, not my frustration UGHHHHH!! Comment your thoughts bellow…